About Us


Real Food CLE is a plant based meal delivery company, and a Raw Trainer Kitchen. Every recipe is thoughtfully created by founder, Marisa DiCenso Pelser and nutritionally approved by licensed dietitians. In all of our products, you will find a balance of superfoods, plant-based proteins, macro and micronutrients. But they are not just healthy, each product is a combination of flavors, textures, and colors that satisfy the mind as well as the palate. We believe in using only REAL, unprocessed ingredients and most of our recipes are less than 10 ingredients. For your convenience, we deliver fresh, ready to eat meals to your doorstep.


Raw Trainer was originally born in 2009 when Marisa Pelser, a competitive bodybuilder and fitness advocate, ran into issues with her health and skin. Looking for a cure that started from the inside, Marisa began her raw food journey and began educating the community on plant-based nutrition and wellness. Today, Marisa is a wife, mother of 5 and lead creative force behind Raw Trainer Instant Mixes and the Real Food Kitchen meal delivery service.