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The REAL Food Team

By today’s standards we are forced to do what is easy, what is popular and what is accessible in most situations and that means processed, saturated, fatty foods. This has been our option. Until now.
The real food team has a strong desire to expose individuals to a new way of living. They are passionate about setting the new definition of what is easy, accessible and good tasting food. Fueling your body with real, unprocessed, plant-based, nutrient dense foods.
The real food team stands to expose the dangers of processed foods and bring light to real food. You get one shot to do your bodies right. And the real food CLE will help you get there. That is just what we stand for.

Our Story:

Real Food CLE is a plant-based meal delivery company, formally known as Raw Trainer. Products include ready-to-eat salads, smoothies, desserts, and more delivered right to your door. Subscription is NOT required. Every recipe is thoughtfully created by Marisa DiCenso Pelser and nutritionally approved by licensed dietitians. In all of the products, you will find a balance of superfoods, plant-based proteins, macro, and micronutrients, and each product is a combination of flavors, textures, and colors that satisfy the mind and the palate. The company believes in using only REAL, unprocessed ingredients, and most of our recipes are less than ten ingredients.

Our History:

Raw Trainer was started almost 11 years ago by Marisa DiCenso-Pelser as an educational resource due to some of the health issues she was facing. After spending five days at a raw food retreat, she was inspired and motivated to build a platform for people to participate in this way of eating and living. Her goal was to make people understand that you can still be fit and muscular without eating animal protein. She started a blog and taught classes throughout Cleveland. In 2011, clients kept asking for the food to be made for them and started making meals from her home. After having her 2nd baby, she opened a Pilates studio and put the meal making segment on hold. A few years later, the region’s interest and demand for plant-based eating began to surge, and her clients started asking her to make meals again.
In 2016 a website was built, and she formally started taking orders, but with better knowledge than the first time around. Success was immediate, and within weeks the business moved into a commercial kitchen at a small business incubator in downtown Cleveland. After a year in the business incubator, the company moved into another shared kitchen facility in Old Brooklyn. In 2018 the company moved again to its current storefront kitchen in East Cleveland. In 2020 Raw Trainer began doing business as Real Food Cleveland to encompass a broader range of offerings. Raw Trainer still exists as an educational resource for recipes and wellness information.

Our Customers:

Fueled and Fit Lifestyle: Not only do these Real Food Renegades define their lifestyle by fueling fresh, add-on being fit, and fun is as equally important. You can find them tearing up gyms, races, competitions all around NEO, seeking the best physique inside and out.

On the Go: busy parents on the clock 24/7 and professionals that hit the office early and stay late, Social Butterflies who run from one engagement to the next – Why eating Real Food works for them? They all take their healthy lifestyle seriously, so they plan by having ready to eat foods at their fingertips when their stomach says when.

Health Fanatics: clean eating, Vegan lovers, those who have a health challenge, or are trying to prevent health issues.

Our Founder

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Marisa Pelser


Raw Trainer was originally born in 2009 when Marisa Pelser, a competitive bodybuilder and fitness advocate, ran into issues with her health and skin. Looking for a cure that started from the inside, Marisa began her raw food journey and began educating the community on plant-based nutrition and wellness. Today, Marisa is a wife, mother of 5 and lead creative force behind Raw Trainer Instant Mixes and the Real Food Kitchen meal delivery service.