Frequently asked questions

Yes! You will receive your referral code when you check out. Share your code with friends and family, when they use it on an order of $25 or more they will receive $5 off and you will receive a $5 credit!

You can freeze your subscription any time on the subscription edit page in your account.

You can update your subscription by going to ACCOUNT at the top of the page. Next you will select “Your Subscriptions” and finally you will click pick new meals, this will take you to the menu so that you can update your meal choices. Go directly to your subscription by clicking here.

We provide nutrition labels under each meal description.

Delivery is $10.

Yes absolutely, please contact us here for info.

No, there is no startup fee.

Our meals are delivered in insulated cooler bags.

Our meals stay fresh for 5-7 days. Our sauces and toppings are packaged separately so that you can enjoy them for 2-3 weeks.

Real Food CLE is a plant based meal delivery company, and a Raw Trainer Kitchen. Every recipe is thoughtfully created by founder, Marisa DiCenso Pelser and nutritionally approved by licensed dietitians. In all of our products, you will find a balance of superfoods, plant-based proteins, macro and micronutrients. But they are not just healthy, each product is a combination of flavors, textures, and colors that satisfy the mind as well as the palate. We believe is using only REAL, unprocessed ingredients and most of our recipes are less than 10 ingredients. For your convenience, we deliver fresh, ready to eat meals to your doorstep.

• Freeze smoothie cups once you bring them home
• Fill the smoothie cup with liquid of choice, blend, then pour back into cup and enjoy
• Smoothie cups are designed to be blended with plant-based milk, juices or coconut water
• If you would like your smoothie to be a bit sweeter, add a ripe banana or a few dates
• Smoothies can also be used as a one day smoothie cleanse by replacing your meals with smoothies.

We are not a USDA certified organic facility, but most of our ingredients are organic.

We love the northeast Ohio community so we make it a point to source many of our ingredients from local farms and businesses.

Guaranteed NO GMO’s, gluten, dairy, or processed soy.

We prepare our food in the kitchen on the east side of Cleveland. We use fresh, local ingredients to make clean, healthy food!

Deliveries are Wednesday and Sunday. Pickup is Monday and Thursday.

Deliveries are Wednesday and Sunday. Pickup is Monday and Thursday.

Since we like to use as much local produce as possible, we change the menu seasonally but we always like to keep our fan favorites. We are constantly working on new recipes and rotating items in and out of the menu to keep it fresh. Be sure to check in to see which old favorites and new, tasty items we’ve added each week!

You do not need to heat our meals, but if you would like to warm them up we recommend low temperatures in your oven or pan to preserve the nutritional benefits. If you have a dehydrator, that is also a great option.

Our meals come in a 32oz container and weigh anywhere between 12oz to over a pound.

You will receive a notification from the delivery driver once your order is dropped off.